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Account without borders.

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The freedom to move money between countries in real-time for free. Access to your money wherever you are with all the everyday banking tools you need. Welcome to the FerratumBank Current account.

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At FerratumBank, we like easy. Pay any contact through your phone. Simply enter the name and mobile number of the recipient along with the amount you wish to send and the recipient will get an SMS instructing them how to transfer the money to their own account.

The world is yours! Powered by MasterCard, your FerratumBank debit card allows you to withdraw cash across Europe in any currency and make purchases in-store and online anywhere MasterCard is accepted.


Fast and secure, our contactless technology also means purchases can be made with just a tap of the card! Although we all have our own experiences, there are several shared thoughts and feelings among expats. Summer is expensive for all of us yet there are easy ways to make the most of summer for free. Here, we look at spending trends from our summer barometer.

Ferratum Bank p. Ferratum Bank is also regulated by the European Central Bank. It is not possible to open new mobile bank account at the moment as the account opening service is temporarily unavailable. Experience borderless banking Account without borders.

ferratum bank crypto

Free contactless MasterCard The world is yours! In which country do you live? Are you a citizen of this country? Yes No. Easiest way Second option Third option. Vive Paris!Ferratum Bank is a subsidiary of Ferratum Group - a leading international pioneer in financial technology and mobile lending. Ferratum offers fast, readily available and confidential banking services, loans and savings both online and on mobile devices. Ferratum Bank p.

Its EU banking licence enables it to provide its services from Malta to other jurisdictions within the EEA, including the acceptance of deposits, which are covered by the Maltese Depositor Compensation Scheme. Ferratum Bank offers its customers the possibility to apply for a personal loan, benefiting from the security and professionalism of a bank, whilst enjoying the speed, simplicity and openness of our uncomplicated service.

In many cases loans can be agreed within a matter of minutes, with minimal amounts of red tape. Our success lies in our simple loan application process, quick service and strict security. The rest is down to the expertise of our employees whose dedication, knowhow and service skills help retain customers and gain referrals all over the world.

Details on how the Bank is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority are available upon request. Ferratum offers customers a fast, easy to use mobile lending and banking services for consumers and businesses.

ferratum bank crypto

Moreover, Ferratum offers successful small businesses instalment loans with a term of six to twelve months. Managed by its founder Jorma Jokela, Ferratum has expanded rapidly since it was founded in The Group has 1. Ferratum is well positioned in this new banking environment pursuing the Mobile Bank Strategy.

At the end of December Ferratum Group employed persons compared with persons at year-end The Group has its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. For further information please visit www.

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Professionalism means continuous learning, a clear operations model and taking responsibility for our actions. Ethics are important to Ferratum and we place a real emphasis on how we treat people, especially our customers.

We take personal responsibility for our customers and stakeholders in making decisions and we are committed to openness and transparency across our business. We believe ethical principles are important to create trust and loyalty among our customers and employees. Our customers are able to obtain microloans usually within minutes through the use of their mobile devices.

PLUS Loans are more flexible loan products outside the typical range of microloans.

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It is basically an arrangement which allows for the loan amount to be withdrawn, repaid, and redrawn again, in any manner and any number of times, until the arrangement expires.

It is important for you to note that upon linking to another site, you are no longer on our site and the information contained therein is provided by an external third party and the content is the sole responsibility of the host.Blockchain — How a ledger could change our lives. Deutsche Bank Research scrutinises the dogmas dominating the cryptocurrency debate: bitcoin myths under the spotlight.

Read article. Deutsche Bank Economists weigh in on bitcoin View Interview. Economy Views: Blockchain — transforming financial services View video. Utility Settlement Coin concept on blockchain gathers pace Read article.

Last year the number of Google bitcoin search requests developed in parallel to the price increases in the cryptocurrency. According to a study published in July last year, the correlation had previously been 91 percent.

A further study dating from even concludes that trade in bitcoin can be partly predicted on the basis of search requests. What if everything they say about blockchain is true and in future two worlds will co-exist - the 'real world' of institutions and physical goods and the 'digital world' providing services and applications powered by blockchain technology?

What we do Who we are. Cryptocurrencies, blockchain and bitcoin — how technology is reshaping finance FAQs. Crypto-currencies: Hype or r evolution?

The most well-known adopters of blockchain technology to date are crypto-currencies such as bitcoin. The surge in price and headlines about these new digital currencies is driving debate about how crypto-currencies could impact corporates and payment transactions. Why would we use crypto euros? Deutsche Bank Research Study: Central bank-issued digital cash — a user perspective more. In the bitcoin mine Everybody is talking about bitcoin.

But what does a bitcoin mine look like?

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Find out in our photo blog. Other updates on this topic: Blockchain — How a ledger could change our lives 11 questions to see if blockchain is right for a business.

Bitcoin: number of Google searches and price levels develop in parallel Last year the number of Google bitcoin search requests developed in parallel to the price increases in the cryptocurrency. View the graphic. From shells to bitcoin The evolution of money View the graphic. Banking in the future - the potential impact of blockchain technology What if everything they say about blockchain is true and in future two worlds will co-exist - the 'real world' of institutions and physical goods and the 'digital world' providing services and applications powered by blockchain technology?In total assets of Ferratum Bank plc were Growth compared to the previous period was 8.

The evolution of the total assets of Ferratum Bank plc is shown at Chart 1 below. Chart 1. Total Assets of Ferratum Bank plc. Recent changes in gross profit of Ferratum Bank plc and its main components are shown in Table 1. In profit before taxes of Ferratum Bank plc was Growth compared to the previous period was The evolution of the profit before taxes of Ferratum Bank plc is shown at Chart 2 below. Chart 2. Profit before Taxes of Ferratum Bank plc.

In annual profit of Ferratum Bank plc was 3. Decline compared to the previous period was The evolution of the annual profit of Ferratum Bank plc is shown at Chart 3 below. Chart 3. Annual Profit of Ferratum Bank plc. In there were employees of Ferratum Bank plc. The evolution of the number of employees of Ferratum Bank plc is shown at Chart 4 below. Chart 4.

Number of Employees of Ferratum Bank plc. FCM Bank Ltd retail banking.Last Updated on March 21, As a cryptocurrency investor or trader, using a crypto friendly bank is crucial. If not using a crypto friendly bank, you are exposed to the risk of getting your account frozen or permanently suspended if the bank suspects you are buying or selling crypto.

Over the years, many major financial institutions and online banks have announced their support for the cryptocurrency space. This guide aims to compare these crypto friendly banks to help you decide which one suits you best.

The debit card gives a 0. Further, similarly to a regular bank account, Wirex also enables you to send your funds through a wire transfer. The fees are slightly higher than at the average bank account, however, the ability to convert crypto frictionlessly to fiat and then sending that value through a wire transfer makes up for it. Wirex is currently available in most major countriesexcluding the United States and China, unfortunately. Founded back inFidor is a very established German online bank.

ferratum bank crypto

The bank is based in Munich and has established relationships with major cryptocurrency titans like Kranken, Ledger, and Bitcoin. Although opening a Fidor is currently only available to citizens in the EU, the free debit card that comes with the bank account can be used in any country worldwide.

ferratum bank crypto

Using the debit card comes with a fixed fee of 1. Launched back inRevolut is now one of the largest digital banks worldwide with over 2 million users all around the globe. Although Revolut started out without a banking license, it now has one and is fully regulated in the UK. First of all, it has no issues with its clients sending and receiving transactions from cryptocurrency exchanges. Headquartered in New York, Goldman Sachs is currently available in most countries around the globe and offers financial services ranging from bank accounts, debit and credit cards, loans, and investment banking.

Launched back in and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Simple bank is one of the few crypto friendly banks that has its deposits fully FDIC insured. This means that your funds are safe no matter what happens to the bank or the general economy. Although Simple Bank offers a wide range of financial services like loans and money management services, it is unfortunately only available to US citizens.Recently, the Israeli Supreme Court reached a decision, temporarily forbidding the bank from preventing Bits of Gold to conduct their banking activity.

In the meantime, to fill the void created by these hostile banks, a number of existing and newly created banks are going all in on cryptocurrency, providing support and banking services to businesses and customers who may have been rejected by the more hardline banks.

In this article, we will be exploring the crypto friendly banks options that are available in Simple Bank is a financial institution that is based in the state of Oregon, in the United States. Simple has been known as a supporter of cryptocurrencies, through its track record of working with a number of different cryptocurrency exchanges. The bank also has a feature that allows its customers to trade cryptocurrencies in any manner they want to, at any time.

Interestingly, Simple Bank is one of the few cryptocurrency supporting banks that have all of their deposits insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This helps to placate the more cautious crypto investors, by protecting their deposits.

At this point, to use Simple Bank, you must be a citizen of the US. As has previously been explained, a large proportion of big financial institutions have turned their backs on cryptocurrencies, regulating and limiting their use. Despite this blanket attitude, one of the most well-known giants in the finance game have shown forward-thinking and has decided to wade into the cryptocurrency market. As recently as November last year, it has been reported that Goldman Sachs has slowly been bringing customers on board to their own Bitcoin trading desk.

This is the first known cryptocurrency trading platform to have been created by a bank on Wall Street. Ally Bank is a great option for someone that wants a bank where they can also get involved with cryptos. They are an online-only bank, with no actual branches in the United States and operate an around the clock customer service team, for 24 hours per day.

10 Best Crypto Friendly Banks in 2020

The bank allows its customers to integrate their bank account with Coinbase. Because of this, customers will be able to purchase Bitcoins with their bank card. It should be noted that Ally Bank will charge a small fee when customers decide to purchase Bitcoin with a credit card. Despite this, Ally Bank is still a great, minimum-fuss option for buying Bitcoins. This made them the first bank in the United States to invest in a cryptocurrency exchange.

These things are a clear sign that USAA Bank wants to be a part of the coming crypto revolution and will be looking for even more ways to integrate blockchain and decentralization into their business practices. Fidor Bank is a German bank that was founded inwhich follows an online model. Based in Munich, they have established a successful working relationship with the German Bitcoin exchange, Bitcoin. Through this partnership, Fidor has managed to integrate with the platform and allows its customers to buy Bitcoins instantly through the bank.

If a customer is a holder of their Smart Giro Account, customers will also be able to make Bitcoin transfers to other Fidor Bank account customers that take effect almost immediately. This is in contrast to some other financial institutions, where these transfers can take hours to complete.We are committed to building an online financial ecosystem that transcends the need for physical banking. Ferratum is a responsible lender and we are committed to continuously developing our corporate responsibility credentials.

We pride ourselves in our professionalism and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We want to become the most valued financial platform. With more than 15 years of experience in providing digital financial services with data gathering and analysis, real-time credit risk scoring, digital onboarding, automated payments, digital marketing and a calculated risk-taking culture, we are at the forefront of the financial revolution.

Today, we are a FinTech that develops and operates a big data based global financial platform for real-time scoring, lending and banking services.

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Our purpose We are committed to building an online financial ecosystem that transcends the need for physical banking. Responsibility at Ferratum Ferratum is a responsible lender and we are committed to continuously developing our corporate responsibility credentials.

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